Porridge Three Ways


Porridge and winter get along like a house on fire. As soon as you feel the weather cooling down, and you see frost on the front lawn, you know it’s time to ditch the summer smoothies and bring out the oats and honey. There has been something so comforting about porridge for me ever since I was young. Apart from the very weird period I went through when I was in grade one, and the only thing I would eat for breakfast was chicken two minute noodles, porridge has always been my thing.

When I ditched gluten I had some issues with oats, which had me wondering – should I ditch them too – or should I not? There has been much debate as to whether this grain is gluten free and safe for the gluten intolerant, and I think really it is a strictly personal choice.  Listen to your body and pay attention to its response to certain foods. Your body knows best!

In any case, I decided to play around with three porridge alternatives for today’s post, so quinoa and buckwheat found their way into my breakfast bowl. These two foods are so versatile, and can be made sweet or savoury. I literally interchange them as alternatives for so many recipes now, from risotto rice, to pasta, to flour – you name it!  It is bloat-no-more with these two alternatives up my sleeve.

Breakfast is a very important meal. It fuels us for the rest of the day, it curbs our hunger and controls our calorie intake for the remainder of the day, and it gives us the brain power and energy to take on whatever the day brings.  When someone tells me they aren’t a breakfast person, I’m skeptical.  Why wouldn’t you want to start your day out right!?  Time comes into play a lot with breakfast. ‘I don’t have time to make breakfast’ is said way too often. Girlfriend, please, do porridge my way and it’s already made as soon as you wake up!

With these three recipes you can completely swap everything around by adding or alternating toppings – just use up what you’ve got!  Both the oats and the quinoa can be heated in the morning, but I wouldn’t heat the bircher.


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